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Busby Marou Take on Belgrave

March Music Madness continued as we ventured out to Belgrave, an outer suburb of Melbourne, just a little under an hour’s drive away. Thursday March 7th saw Sooki Lounge play host to Busby Marou with support from Collin Lillie.

Sooki was an smaller venue which allowed it to feel quite full while keeping the gig very intimate. Vocally, Lillie was very reminiscent of Cat Stephens, even covering a Cat Stephens song. He had a charismatic stage presence and many stories to boot; although these were sometimes difficult to understand due to his heavy accent.

This gig was the first of the tour promoting Busby Marou’s upcoming album. Five years have passed since I last saw them perform, but musically they were just as skilful, fun and entertaining; flying guitar/uke solos, sweet harmonies and playful melodies.

For me, my favourite part of watching Busby Marou perform is that the songs are performed differently each time, not just the way they are on the record; there is always reason to head back out to another Busby Marou gig.

They were able to finish the night in the most amazing way possible; an unplugged campfire song made possible by the intimate setting.