Jason Mackaway

distinctly different

Guitarz R Blazin' @ 303

Hey you!
Yes you.
Do you like music? Do you like guitar music?

If you answered yes, and even if you answered no, then you would love last weeks gig.

Bec Goring - Maximillian - Jimmy O'Hare

At the classic location of bar 303, these three tore up the stage. 

Bec had a to-die-for guitar tone complimented by her amazing chord choices. Which coincidentally were my absolute favourite thing about her music. Her on stage jokes and stories were also highly entertaining. 

The bass from the 7th string of Maximillian’s guitar was so incredibly warm. The variation of pieces and styles throughout his set, his relaxed stage presence, and downright amazing guitar skills create an atmosphere that keeps you wanting more. His newly added stomp box was also a welcome surprise.

Jimmy O’Hare has some amazing musical talent, and it was on show. From percussive guitar, to singing he has it all covered. Different tunings, thumbpicks, no picks, originals and covers; Jimmy had a diverse and exciting set full of energy and emotion.

The night ended with two pieces played together by Jimmy and Maximillian.
The perfect way to shut up shop.