Jason Mackaway

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Ready, Freddy, Drop

Here it is, the first of many extremely overdue posts. I’ve regained internet access, the ability to type, and have finished procrastinating my life away. So strap yourselves in, say goodbye to your night, and come along for the journey.

The final post of March Madness has arrived and to no surprise I’ve once again found myself in line at The Forum; this time to watch the intoxicating Fat Freddy’s Drop. This gig went off in a way I’ve never experienced before. There was something remarkable about being in the audience before the band even took to the stage; from the moment we arrived the crowd was pumping. The room had a buzz the likes of which I’ve never felt at any other venue or performance, something I put down to the excited fans who had waited years to see a vibrant and energetic line up. It was amazing to bear witness to the crowd swelling and singing along at volumes not normally heard with band encouragement, let alone to do it off their own bat.

The music was exactly what you’d expect from Fat Freddy’s. Bouncing beats, swinging tunes and blaring horns. The trombonists was an amazing performer with incredible stage presence; even pulling out a sousaphone towards the end of the gig. While it could be seen as a little gimmicky, I found it to be an amazing visual, and thought it was great showmanship. I mean who on Earth uses a sousaphone in a contemporary setting such as this? Fat Freddy’s Drop, that’s who.

A great performance, great music and a great crowd for a very memorable night.