Jason Mackaway

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The Appeal of Steel

Satirical hair metal, need I say more?

If you haven't heard of Steel Panther do yourself a favour, go now, on a journey of self discovery, and find out who they are.

Last week or so, I was witness to what was one of the best shows I've encountered in my short time upon this earth. First of all the Forum Theatre is an amazing venue everyone should see with their own eyes at some point in their life. Large, open and gorgeous classical statues perched high above the mosh area, creating an atmosphere iconic to the Forum. Supported by a plethora of huge seating booths, all with a great view of the stage so no one misses the magic.

Having seen Steel Panther before I falsely believed I knew what I was in for, but boy was I wrong. As per usual their music and aesthetic were top notch. Stage antics while performing? Uh, of course. Banter between songs? Are you kidding, they could have inappropriately joked the night away before anyone had realised they hadn't performed a song. 

But the highlight of the night, had to be their second set. For someone who's never been to the 80's, I sure as hell felt like this night was the closest I would ever get. Not only conceptually is it awesome, but they hit the nail on the head, and they blew me away. Hearing classics from the likes of White Snake, Ozzy Osbourne, and Motörhead (to name a few) in their original genre, performed at the level they were, was an absolute treat. 

Props to you Steel Panther, you definitely lowered the bar, went balls out and made us all feel the steel.