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It'll Knock Your Hot Socks Off!

What are Hot Socks? And why on Earth would you wear them? 
These questions and many more to be answered on the coming episode of Nesting Blog!


*insert blog theme music*


Previously on Nesting Blog, our intrepid hero had overcome his first music festival. As this chapter came to a close he found himself at a loss. Where was he to go for more live music?!

Searching the plethora of options that forms the music scene of Melbourne, Jason was enticed to Dizzy's Jazz Club by the Hot Socks Big Band. 

After escaping the evil clutches of the 9 to 5, he ventured to the far away land of Richmond. Dodging the perils of public transport and narrowly escaping rushes of traffic, he managed to arrive in the nick of time. 

Once inside, our hero was swamped by the heat of the socks and surrounded by the sweet subtleties of the band; a buffet of big band genres for our hero to indulge. 

With great gratification he watched, as his new favourite big band battled against the evil End of the Set. The Big Band fought hard; sweeping solos and beautiful beats were thrown at the End of the Set.

Alas, this was not enough, eventually time ran out and the performance ended. But little did the End of the Set know, more gigs are on their way.

Can the Hot Socks beat the heat of the End of the Set? Or will our heroes once again run out of time? Tune in next to the next instalment of Nesting Blog to find out!



Thanks to Kit Millais for inviting me to such a nice venue to hear him and his big band play. Getting a big band up and performing in the time-frame he has is something to marvel at. The soon to be iconic hot socks give something different and exciting to a well established style of music. Not only does the audience have a nice, new visual to look for, but the sound and cohesiveness of the group was something to be impressed by, even more so, given the short amount of time from conception to reality. 

If anyone wants to know what on earth I'm talking about in this post, you can find Hot Socks Big Band on all social media channels.

See you at their next gig,