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Macedon Ranges Music Festival - Mark II

Whoa, look who's back online!

After a busy month, I have plenty to share. Which depending on your feelings toward me is either phenomenal or disastrous. Just as all good/bad things come in threes, so too will these regaling posts.


Post 1 will attempt to convey the tale of performing at my first music festival - Macedon Ranges Music Festival.


A warm day in the outset of Autumn, specifically March the third. Our bandwagon brimming, as we journeyed out to unknown land of Macedon. Bedizened in our identical lemon suits, Habibi and I took to the stage to perform our unrivalled sound check, followed by our trademarked replicable set. Wowing the audience as much as distracting them with our ill-favoured outfits, the spectacular set went off without a hitch! A new crowning jewel in the very quiet and uneventful career of Nesting. 


On a more serious note, this festival is something I have enjoyed being a part of for the past two years and is something great to be involved with. The fact that it is run by volunteers with all proceeds going to the Cambodian Kids Foundation is so unique and amazing. Both times I've attended, the festival has been full of food and drink, music, and a fantastic atmosphere. I'd like to thank the organisers, volunteers and performers who make it possible; and encourage everyone to get involved next year even if it is just as a spectator.