Jason Mackaway

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Bizarre Big Band Blowout

Just on a month ago I attended one of the strangest gigs of my life.

On your average Tuesday night, myself and a couple of party-shirt wearing friends ventured into the city to watch a big band play. The gig was held in a private members club, hidden amongst Melbourne’s alleyways.

After finding the inconspicuous entrance we entered and immediately ventured back about 50 years. Inappropriately and flamboyantly under-dressed, we pressed on, sticking out like sore thumbs as we wandered directionless attempting to find the gig.

Entering a section clearly for members only we were quickly ushered upstairs to the performance area where we found ourselves a table amongst the crowd. We were easily the youngest in the room by 20-25 years; emphasised by the fact that four people managed to have a kip during the performance.

The band was actually a lot of fun, they were all sight reading and were insanely tight given that fact. Their tone was crisp and they played the perfect variety of music. They shared around the lead lines and the solos and they just looked like they were having fun, which in turn allowed us to have fun.

The double cherry on top of all the oddness that occurred on this night was the 27 (yes twenty seven) duck paintings on the wall, combined with a woman falling down the stairs with no reaction from the staff.