Jason Mackaway

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A Night of Magic Butter

No, this isn't the magic butter that one ingests rather the one that moves you through sound.

On Thursday (11/1/18) I spent my evening in the company of some very talented and entertaining musicians at Bar 303. 

The night began with Maximillian performing a very intimate set, containing a balance of originals and covers. The sound presented was distinctively his, and his stage presence was an encompassing calmness that made you feel more than welcomed into his musical world. Maximillian's chords were rich and full, and made his songs prettier than that sunset that you couldn't help but share on Instagram. 

Now for the magic butter, the main act of the night, Immy Owusu's Magic Butter Machine. A contradiction of serious musical abilities, juxtaposing quirky, humorous lyrics. This five piece, lead by a ukulele and saxophone had such energy, such charisma that the crowd ended up in shambles. Pants were off, people were crowd surfing and no one wanted any of it to stop. 

Truly a magic, buttery night was had by all

If you've made it through another one of my pointless ramblings, I commend and thank you,