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Jams, Bevs and Other Condiments - The Blog Rendition

In this installment of Jams, Bevs and Other Condiments we will receive and overview of Friday, 1/9/17.

At its core, Jams, Bevs and Other Condiments is an excuse for friends to gather, relax and listen to others try their hand at making pleasant sounds. 

The household here at Queensberry Street, all put on, in my biased opinion, a fun night. The cafe which resides below our house has the perfect atmosphere (and location) to host such a night. Add in the $10 pasta amongst other food and drink and you've got yourself a winning combo. 

The night saw some debutante instruments for JBOC. A mandolin and a trumpet both competing for the admiration of the room with the real winner being the reputation of JBOC. We also had some returning customers in the form of guitars and a violin. 

Overall round 2 of JBOC was a success in the eyes of this predisposed individual.

In other wildly unrelated and late news, a few weeks back I was fortunate enough to play in the band for Whitley College's performance of Cry-Baby. A large time commitment that was more than worth it. The week was over before I knew it. I loved it and hope I can play in some more musicals in the future.


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