Jason Mackaway

distinctly different

Friday Jams

What a stellar night! 

On Friday (23/06/17) my housemates and I went out to Ding Dong to see a mate's band, Hurlin' Up Limbs, play. 
Not only was this my first time at Ding Dong, it was also my first time seeing them live.

Ding Dong was set up amazingly for live music and had a vibe that was so electric it could restart a heart.

The last support act Pseudo Mind Hive took my housemates and I by surprise. They were tight, performed well and had a guitar focused sound that we couldn't stop talking about. They had the crowd all swaying in time and there wasn't an eye looking away from them as they performed. Do yourself a favour and check these guys out.

Hurlin' Up Limbs smashed it, their unique sound resonates with so many people and you can see the fun and enjoyment the boys are having on stage when they play. They are a well rehearsed outfit who definitely deserve your time of day, let your ears have some fun.