Jason Mackaway

distinctly different

Postcards from The Shell House

Yesterday my copy of the new Busby Marou album finally arrived! After being introduced to their music a few years back I fell in love with the way their voices meld together in harmony over the easy going music they create. Not only did the album arrive but it coincided with the announcement of their Australian tour and I cannot wait to see the boys in action later on this year.

After having the hook for 'Best Part of Me' stuck in my head all day I cannot wait to learn all the words to the rest of the songs. For those who love gorgeous sounding, chilled out songs, do yourself a favour and get your hands on this album as it does not disappoint.

As unlikely as it is that either Thomas or Jeremy will see this, I still want to congratulate them for what they have achieved. I hope they keep on writing music as enjoyable as this album. 


Enjoy your night guys,