Jason Mackaway

distinctly different

After checking there’s no sand stuck in his guitar, Jason Mackaway can be counted upon to deliver a unique performance.

Since arriving in Melbourne, he has progressed along an enriching path of musical development, crafting a versatile style through the fine-tuning and recording of both originals and classics. As his beard grew, so too did the unmatched individuality of Jason as an artist.

However, whether it be while busking in the city’s iconic laneways, composing pieces reminiscent of 80’s glam-metal classics, or recording tracks for the screen, Jason has always had bigger things in mind. He’s a casual character, but his music is an exception to this. He wants to engage with the largest audience possible, while demonstrating his talent and doing what he loves.

It should be noted that Jason also owns a single suit, which he is open to wearing for more formal events.


Photographer: Kristin Wursthorn